Bulgarian Meeting, report Belgian pupils

This IC-Green meeting had the purpose to bring young people together, discussing green energie en learn to use modern ICT tools.

We have visited an impressive wind turbine park and a gigantic solar park to give an example, which both had a tour too. The participating countries had to give presentations to each other, where they talked about their country, green energie. We also had different workshops about IT tools. We stayed at host families, who gave us a hospitable welcome. At those families we could get to know the Bulgarian kitchen and culture. Apart from the

educative there was also time for recreation and culture. We visited Veliko Tarnovo, the old capital of Bulgaria, there we also visited the local catering industry. The IC-Green meeting was a chance for us to learn a lot, discover new cultures and meet great people that we’ll never forget.

Alex Vervaeke & Lucas Van den Meersschaut

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