The Erasmus+ IC green-mobility was a big experience for us.

Going to Sweden with the Erasmus+ IC green-project was a big experience for us. We have met a bunch of new  and open minded people. In the ICT-workshops we have learned a lot about different internet applications and thanks to the presentations from the other students we also learned about renewable energy. Participating in this Erasmus+ mobility was a real adventure.

Living together with new people for a whole week is very instructive. Living together also means exploring the culture of the other countries and their language. We learned a lot about renewable energy, we also did a couple of trips related to green energy. During these trips we got a perception of how the energy is generated and distributed.

This experience showed us how important language is to communicate with others. This was important when we cooked together, presented and listened to each other’s green studies, and of course to plan our free time. The evenings together made the relation between the European students stronger. This adventure sharpened us to participate another Erasmus+ in future university or higher studies.

The report in Dutch you can read here

Judith Porters and Lies Vermeulen

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