An absolute fabulous IC green week in Derval, France.

We were really looking forward to go to Derval, to the IC-green meeting. Therefore, we have done a lot of preparation. Sunday, the 15th of April, we left Aalter by car to go to the station Lille-Flanders. Then we took the ‘TGV’ to Rennes and when we arrived in Rennes, a little bus brought us to the little sunny village Derval. First, we met the German delegation. We have been talking a lot in English of course, even a bit in German. There was no thing planned yet for the rest of that Sunday, so it was a relaxed afternoon. Monday we visited an experimental farm. There, all cow dung is saved in a great hole and serves as the basis for biogas. They also do experiments with the milking of cows by milking by a machine where no person intervenes. Beside the farm, they are building a new biogas installation, where biogas will be gained out of plant refuse and cow dung.
During this project week, all delegations of each country presented about how to make their school greener. Our presentation went very well! In the project, we also pay attention to ICT, so each country had prepared a workshop about a useful app or website. It took every time 45 minutes to present the application and to discover it ourselve
s. We also visited the Mont-Saint-Michel and crossed the bay, the walk was very adventurous and beautiful. Besides all
that, we visited the huge and beautiful city of Nantes and the idyllic city of Chateaubriant with its huge medieval castle. We slept the whole week on a boarding, together with all delegations. That’s where everyone got to know each other, the atmosphere was so unique and fantastic. Strong friendships are made, so that made the farewell very hard …
This experience was so enriching, actually indescribable.
by Warre en Karel
pupils from Emmaus Belgium
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