Emmaüs Aalter secundaire school

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The Emmaus secundaire school is a higher secondary school situated in Aalter, Flanders, the Northern part of our country Belgium. Although Aalter is still a rural village, it has recently become more and more industrial as new industries settled in our region, due to the fact that our village is situated at a crossroad of some arterial highways.

Our school has a general, technical and vocational department. Science, economics , modern languages and classical culture are taught in our general department where we prepare most of our pupils for University. The technical specialities taught in our school are mechanics, electromechanics, electricity and trade. Car mechanics and tools mechanics are the two vocational specialities we teach at Emmaus. Although the majority of our pupils are in our general department, we pay a lot of attention to our technical and vocational pupils. Our technical and vocational departments maintain strong ties with the local industry in the field of training and work placement.